Two Alleys RPG

Character Sheet Format (as of 10/17/2005)

All character sheets submitted on October 17, 2005 or after should be submitted to

Date of Birth:
House: Class:
Height: Build:
Hair Color:
Sexual Orientation:



Two Alleys RPG

To Join Two Alleys RPG

Backstory: Reading about the setting backstory would be a good idea, so you can decide whether this is the sort of Wizarding World game you want to join, in the first place.

Age: Players should be 17 or older. This game will likely contain some adult content. Certainly, anything written from the point of view of a Death-Eater character is unlikely to be suitable for some readers. Please keep this in mind when applying to join.

Slash Policy: For this game, 'slash' is definied as 'a sexual or romantic relationship between two or more canon characters that is counter to the clear intentions of their original creator.' If your main interest is in writing slash, please find a different game. Slashing Rowling's characters is not very polite to Rowling, so it's not allowed in Two Alleys.

At the moment, the main characters in this game are all original characters; the few canon characters we have are primarily in the background. Original characters are free to engage in whatever relationships their creators are mutually comfortable with.

Yaoi: McGonagall ain't doing it. So sorry to disappoint you all. (g) It is technically possible, since the students are adults and now graduated, but on the whole, we'd rather not.

Character Icons: We ask that you not use sexually explicit icons for your character journal(s) in this game. Some players read their journals from work, and to be considerate toward them, all character icons must be work-safe.

Graphics in Body Text: If they are displayed in the 'Recent Entries' view, they must be work-safe. If they are hidden behind an LJ-cut, the player should indicate 'Not work-safe' if the hidden graphic is explicit.

If we haven't scared you off, yet...

To join, send your name, email address, date of birth, and character sheet to Once the moderator approves your character, the sheet will be posted in the two_alleys journal, and you'll be asked to create a character journal and join the two_alleys_rpg community. Be sure you've created a solid plotline for your character, because there will be only minimal moderator-generated plots.

Posting frequency is whenever you feel like it. Posting once a week is desired, but we all have fulltime jobs, so we aren't going to be anal about how often you must post. However, if you have created a character and have not posted for that character in ages, you will have to give some justification for what you intend to do with a new character, if you submit one.

Please do not create a mob. If a month goes by with no character activity, and you have not informed the moderator of your absence, one attempt will be made to contact you. If there is no reply to it, your character will either be dropped from the game if an original creation or made available for adoption by another player, if canon.

If you have an intricate plot idea that you want to write about, please run it by the moderator first or post it in alleys_ooc.

KIA: It should be obvious, but--Killing or permanently maiming or traumatizing another character without that player's permission is forbidden.

Post Formatting
Title: Title of Post (Character(s) in post) - Date (month and year)

Body: Post the first paragraph or two, and then put the rest behind an LJ-cut to save space. Close the lj-cut before the byline.

Byline: Author(s) of the post

Where to Post: Story posts should be sent to two_alleys_rpg, but they can also be stored in the character's journal, if desired. Another use for the character journals is to post diary entries from the characters' points of view.

Warding Entries: Diary entries should be indicated with words such as 'Warded Private' or something similar. Characters can also specify selective warding--so that some characters may 'see' their entries, but not others.

Ward-breaking is not allowed unless the player who wrote the piece states in alleys_ooc that some particular character or any character at all has permission to break the wards. Terms such as 'Sloppily warded' would indicate this.